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Hi together,

I did not find a property to change the title of my website. Do you know where I can change the title?

I am using the version 4.1.4 on MacOS

I'm going to assume you mean title of "Page", so if I'm wrong let me know.

To change any settings for page specific meta data you need to right click over the name of the page in the bottom right Design section. Choose Properties and that will open a window that allows you to edit the HEAD and TITLE and META tags for your pages. If you have something you want globally added, such as a Google Analytics code, go to the SETTINGS at the top of the app and any META tags or HEAD content you add there will be on every page.

Hope that helps :)

Thank you!

Hi, I'm still having trouble figuring out where I can change the title of the page I have created. I've gone to the settings and there is a meta tags section and a Head section but am not sure how to use those options. I'm using Ubuntu. Can someone please illustrate how to make this change? Thanks in advance.

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@evz88: Please read the thread you just posted in and you will get your answer.

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