Changes to the Nav Bar in the Creative Template

I'm working on a design using the Creative template and am having trouble making a couple of changes associated with the nav bar.

The first is a need to make the background colour change on scroll occur once the page has been scrolled a little further. It currently changes too soon.

The second is a change to the link colours within the nav bar which change as the different sections are revealed on scroll. Within the downloaded template they change from black to orange and I need to make the change to a colour which reflects the overall colour palette of the page.

Suggestions for where and how to make the changes would be very welcome as the solutions have been evading me for some time now!

If you are talking about delaying the collapse on the navbar (as well as the background) its found in the creative.js file.

Change this if ($("#mainNav").offset().top > 250

Not sure about your other question....

Thanks. I had checked creative.js but missed that!

The other issue is the change in the nav bar text colour once the scroll has take the page into a different section. It changes the colour of 'Portfolio' in the nav bar from black to orange when the Portfolio section is reached and then similarly for sections further down the page with the orange reverting to black as a section is left.

#mainNav.navbar-shrink .navbar-nav > li.nav-item > a.nav-link:focus:hover, #mainNav.navbar-shrink .navbar-nav > li.nav-item > a.nav-link:hover { color: #00ffb3; }

#mainNav .navbar-nav > li.nav-item >, #mainNav .navbar-nav > li.nav-item > { color: #00ffb3!important; background-color: transparent; }

Thank you: perfect!