Changing inline to CSS blocks

So, I read back to see how to extract the inline styling to create a CSS block, but I’m having an issue with nothing showing up in the block. I would assume that anything inline should show up there always, but that is not the case. So I checked to see if it was only when styles were first added by removing styles from some elements and then starting to add them back in inline, but still nothing shows up in the block. It used to show up for sure, but not sure why it’s not now. Maybe not “all” styles show there? I’m using positioning and display attributes at the moment, but I would think that it wouldn’t matter what type it was.

I’m on Mac mini, most recent build of BSS and macOS Big Sur if that helps. Could definitely be user error too, but just want to make sure before I pull my hair out any further lol. Thanks for any help on this.

ah ok so when you add things via the options panel duh, they aren’t attributes they are classes already so they aren’t going to show up … nm, having an old lady moment lol. Thanks Kuli that makes perfect sense now.

The options panel uses utility classes and the appearance panel add inline style which you can extract to your custom.css file via the three dots