Changing navbar globally in a project

New to the app and I'm I'm guessing this ground's been covered, but didn't see a solution that jumped out.

How would I change a navbar globally in a project? Let's say I have a navbar on a page, I set up the links to point to the other pages. How would I get the other pages to have the same relative links? This is one of the more painful aspects of editing in Atom, so I was hoping there's something simple to do here.

I'm going to "assume" you mean similar to a Master page setup where you can use the same item globally and edits on one will edit them all? If that's what you mean then I would suggest taking a look at the Tips & Tricks section of this Help forum and look for the post towards the end that breaks down one of the video tutorials.

On that list look for the Linked Components section and it will tell you what timer place is on that video for the instructions on how to use that feature.

Thank you! I'll take a peek at it and post the link I find here. Greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Jo. I found the solution to my issue. Much simpler than I envisioned.

Here's how to update the navbar globally in a project