changing the name on the Tab and also in the address bar

Hiya, i have read a couple of other threads, but im still not getting it! please have a look at my site, the first tab still says index, and the address bar has HTML on the end of each pages address,

i changed the name in the design pane, but it wouldnt upload.

help!!! thanks!

To change a page title (which is what that is) you need to edit the Meta data of the page. You can do this by ....

  1. Go to the Design pane and locate the page in the Pages section.
  2. Right click over that page and choose Properties.
  3. You will already be on the Main tab when it opens, change the Title information to what you want it to say.
  4. Save.

That's it, you now have renamed the Title tag of your page and that will change what it says on the browser's tab.

The address bar is always going to show you the name of the page including the HTML. You're not using a CMS, which usually has built in setups to do what you're asking, so to not do that you'd have to run some setups on your server settings. I would suggest you just accept that it will show the full page name and move on. It's not a big deal that it shows that. Most people won't even have a clue about it anyways lol.

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To remove .html from your urls you need to edit you .htaccess file on your domain.

Google “pretty urls” and go from there ?

If I were to recommend something, it would be to delete the file(s) "Footer-Dark-1.css" and "Sidebar-Menu.css" because they are redundant and being overridden by the counterpart under themselves.

It's just a little clean-up suggestion is all.

Delete this "Footer-Dark-1.css" because this "Footer-Dark.css" overrides it.

Delete this "Sidebar-Menu.css" because this "Sidebar-Menu1.css" overrides it.

Otherwise Jo and Chris Hackwood got you covered. :)