Character Counter(s) possible?

So I’m cracking down on some SEO that I’ve been slacking on for my own website and really would love to not have to use an external editor to get character counts.

Any possibility to get that built into the SEO settings for any places we need to add text to? Such as Meta Descriptions and Titles? Not sure if there are others, can’t think off hand, but if there are, it would be great on those too. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to see something that functions like this website (which I use to do my page titles and descriptions)

This tool goes by width (which I’m pretty sure is what Google uses now) but I’m also unconvinced that text in titles and descriptions that “overflows” the prescribed widths is truly ignored in terms of SEO/Search. There are many SEO pros who argue that text outside the viewable areas DOES still have a small impact on SEO.

In any event, I generally keep my titles and descriptions short enough to fit within the prescribed limits.

You have about the same in BSS.

When you write your title look at the preview box at the top of the dialog. If the title has … at the end your title is too long.

When you write the description if the text is cut off in the preview box then your description is too long.

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Thank you for the suggestion @jo-r! Sounds like a good addition to the SEO tab. We can add a counter to the Website Name and all Title and Description fields in the various subpanels. If someone has suggestions on where else to add counters, let us know.


I believe the preview in BSS truncates the example display too soon.

Here is a comparison between BSS’s SEO preview, and the preview using the website I use to test my page titles/descriptions. According to the VELOX website, my page title is only 562 pixels in width, which is within Google’s recommended width of 580 pixels.

BSS seems to cut off its example around 460 pixels in width.

Martin, take a look at how this website functions. It provides both character count, and pixel width, which would be the ideal way to display the page title and description in BSS. It warns you with yellow highlight if either is at risk of being cut off, and on which devices.

Thank you for the screenshots! We will look into updating the width to match the latest SEO recommendations.