Check All / Uncheck All for saving Libraries

Would love a way to uncheck all for the CSS side when saving components to my library. Since I don't really need all the CSS since I have it already in my main files, it would be nice not to have to uncheck every class manually in the Create New Component dialog box. Check All would be if you changed your mind and wanted them all checked again. Not that I would, but I'm sure many would like a way to change it back.

Please, please, pretty please! lol

Thanks for this suggestion! We are overhauling the Create Component dialog right now, as part of the new Online Components functionality. We will look into how to make the CSS selection easier. Right now it can be difficult for people to understand how the dialog works, and they frequently add the same CSS twice to their components.

Awesome, and yes the duplication of code is definitely something that would be good to address as well.