Choose image browser is really slow

When I go to the choose and image browser it responds slowly. It comes to a crawl. I have tried shrinking my images to less than an 1mb and it is still very sluggish. Any ideas?

I am using the brand new 2018 macbook pro with 16gb of ram and the 2.6GHz i7.

Less than 1 mb? They should be a whole lot less than that if at all possible. Size your images to the sizes you need rather than expecting the software and site visitors to load large images. Most images can be sized to 400mb down to 10mb depending on the size needed in the page. That will most likely fix your issue. I'm on a mac and I used the browser for the first time yesterday lol (used BSS for over 2 years now lol) and it didn't give me any issues at all.

I actually find it faster to add images by right clicking over the image in the images list in the right sidebar and choosing copy path and just pasting that path into the Options pane for the image.