Circles with a slash through them in default window.

Any new window I create is filled with Circles with a slash through them. When I add substance to the window the circles are eliminated as the text is inserted. It's all very distracting. Is there a way to eliminate this distraction? ![picture of the circles in the background I want to be rid of.][1] Lawrence [1]:

I got something like that when I was messing with background images and I think it's related to something being improperly styled somehow.

I just tried messing up the background image name for the Hero Food and that's exactly what I get. So I would think you have something similar happening, the repeating is probably because the background-repeat is set to repeat.

For me the I just get a huge one because it's size is set to cover.

So in short make sure if you have a background image to have it configured/named correctly.


I have them too, but I believe it's because I am referencing items that are server side and not imported to BSS. Could that be your issue as well?

We added this feature in Bootstrap Studio 4. If you use an image which doesn't exist in your project, you see the striked out circle as a placeholder. The goal is to show people that something might be missing. This is only for local images (without http).

I like that idea so it's all good for me thanks!