Clean after uninstall component

I didn't find this idea after searching and I must admit, searching is not very well done in this forum. Please consider cleaning everything when uninstalling a component. We are left with Styles, JavaScript, Images and font all over the place in our design after uninstalling a component.

Thank you !

Yeah, the BSS forum software isn't the greatest. They use bbpress which is a Wordpress forum plugin. ( It's not very versatile. I mentioned it to the devs once, and even suggested a good alternative, but it's low on their priority list. They'd rather spend their time focused on improving the software (and honestly, I'd prefer that, too.)

You are correct that this cleanup issue is bit of a problem. When you load a custom component from the online library (depending on what the creator has included with the component) it will import CSS, JS, Images and fonts, and deleting the component doesn't delete all the associated files. But fortunately these things are usually pretty clear and easy to delete. It's more of an inconvenience than anything else. You can use the Styles>cleanup feature to get rid of any unused imported CSS, and the Image>cleanup to get rid of unused images. Fonts are just a matter of deactivating, and JS you have to delete manually. Not many online components seem to use JS (though some of BSS's own, like the image gallery, use external CDNs.)

I may have brought this up once or twice before in the forums but I don't really remember when, or what you'd need to search to find it.

One thing you might want to consider when you're "testing out new components" is using your UNDO. That will remove all of the files and references for that component completely. I don't really know that there would be any good way to have it clean up the files for those since the components consist of separate files. If there's some way to link them to the main component HTML/JS/CSS/ so that if the main one is deleted, the rest would do, that would be great, but I don't know if it can do that or not.

IN the meantime, test the compoents a lot and use your UNDO to help keep your files cleaner. :)