Cleaning Startup Website

Hey All,

Just wanted to show off the my new cleaning company website ( We will be specializing in post-construction / new-construction cleanup.

My buddy is still working on some of the company branding but just thought I’d share it a little early. All of it was built in BSS and uses a few external things like:

  • 17Hats CRM
  • Google Maps
  • GlowCookies

I’m happy with this project and I’m looking forward to continue finetuning this landing page. Constructive criticism it totally welcome, I need it! I’ve used Modals for a lot of the stuff like contact forms and TOS. I think they’ve turned out quite useful, especially for the mobile version.

Constructive criticism…

  1. Using Chrome Developer tools, run a Lighthouse audit. There are a number of issues (speed in particular)

  2. It appears you need an SSL certificate (https as opposed to http)

  3. No H1 tag will hurt your SEO. H1 should contain your main keywords. It also appears your page title is missing keywords. Instead of the company name, use words people would search for when seeking your service. These are the words currently in your keyword cloud. They don’t represent what your company does.


Thanks for the info on the keyword cloud stuff, didn’t know that existed and will get on it. H1 has always confused me.

As for bullet 1, I think that’s just related to my CRM’s API. I’ll probably just have to switch from Modals to blank links. Maps API also seems to be causing some slowdown. I plan to replace those Maps with formal image maps, just waiting on the files.

I do have an SSL certificate, I think my cloudflare settings were improper but they’ve been fixed.