Cleanup shows 2 Unused CSS but I'm using them

I added these to my Freelancer theme in Visual Studio to change the default colour when hovering and scrolling

#mainNav .navbar-nav > li.nav-item >, #mainNav .navbar-nav > li.nav-item > { background-color: #00b7e5; }

#mainNav .navbar-nav > li.nav-item > { background-color: rgba(16,74,127, 0.8); }

Pretty sure I'm using these because when I deleted them using the Styles Cleanup tool I didn't get the colour I want on the navbar. I'm posting this here because I suspected it's showing up as Unused CSS due to editing in an external editor (Visual Studio). Sorry if that's not the case.

You have to be careful not to cleanup items that change states using js. In this case, if you would click one of the links and then activate it which adds the class "active" you would find the cleanup tool would not find any unused css. You could run more advanced tools after you exported your site that would account for this as they check the js files also, but even those tools are prone to make mistakes.