Click and drag marquee select

@martin Hi again Martin. Currently we can use the shift and ctrl keys to select multiple elements. Would it be possible to impliment a marquee select where you click from outside of the stage and drag to select multiple elements?

It’s an interesting idea, but how would it deal with nested elements? For example suppose I drag a marquee around three images that are side-by-side in three columns. How would the program know I only want to select the three images and not the columns (or the row the columns are in, or the container that the row is in? What if the marquee captures only part of an element, like some of the text in paragraph? Would it add the entire paragraph to the selection, or ignore it. Can you describe an example of how you’d want to use this feature?

@printninja Hmmmmmmm. All valid points. Maybe not one of my better ideas :roll_eyes: My thinking behind it was say you had a page of cards. Multiple rows with say 3 columns per row. In each column there’s a card. On each card there’s an image, a heading, a paragragh and a button. You want to add a common class to all paragraphs. Marquee select the 3 paragraphs from the first 3 cards, scroll down to the next 3 and maybe a shift click and drag to add the next 3 paragraghs to the selection and so on. Ctrl click could maybe deselect a selection the same as just now. It’s a tricky one :thinking: but like i said it’s maybe not one of my better ideas.

I think the inherent nature of the z axis in web design makes selecting elements with a marquee problematic.

I suppose the developers could take the approach they use in Adobe Illustrator, which is to allow you to “lock” and “unlock” elements.

In Illustrator have my customized my keyboard shortcuts so that ctrl+2 locks elements, and ctrl+shift+2 unlocks them. So when I’m rapidly designing, and I want to select a bunch of objects that are above other objects, and can quickly lock the lower elements, preventing them from being added to a marquee selection. I’m not sure if this would speed up development in BSS, but it might be worth trying.

The current multi-select methods using ctrl and shift in BSS are incredibly useful. I think it was one of the best additions to the program. I use this feature constantly.