Collaborate on changes to bss exported html

This is the use case: One team is using bss to create the UI. They export the files to a directory which is a git repo, commit the changes, and push.

Another team is writing the backend and editing the php files in a random editor to call the php code.
This team commits their changes and pushes to the remote git repo.

The bss team does a git pull. They have tried to import the modified html files into bss, but these files are ‘read only’ and marked as custom code. Is there a better way?

Currently we are using git diff to apply a patch to the bss exported code. This is time consuming and unnecessary given that we should be doing with plain text files here. Is there a better way?

The only file that can be opened in Bootstrap Studio and edited via the visual UI tools is a .bsdesign file. If you want to collaborate with others, this is the file you need to share.

Once you EXPORT the website, you’ve created HTML pages, and the only way HTML pages can be opened in Bootstrap Studio is by importing them as custom code.

A BSS user created a free tool here that allows you to convert HTML pages back into .bsdesign files, however there are limitations, and the structure of the new .bsdesign file will be quite different from the original .bsdesign file. I don’t think this will solve your issue.

I’d venture to say that Bootstrap Studio is not the right tool for what you’re trying to do. It sounds like you need something more like Pinegrow.

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Thank you for responding so quickly. I’ve not used Pinegrow before - would it be compatible with files created via bss and is it still possible to use bootstrap tools?

In order to collaborate with others using BSS you would need to put your .bsdesign file in a cloud storage that you all have access to. The biggest drawback will be that only one person can work on the file at a time so you’ll need to have checkout capabilities or contact eachother when checking it and back in etc.

Pinegrow works with pretty much anything, but it’s pricier and has a yearly subscription fee. It’s also a much steeper learning curve. Will do what you need it to, but you won’t be able to put the files back into BSS again other than the tool that @printninja linked. As he said, it won’t be the same as the original file anymore (some changes are made to component names etc.), but you can do it.

Collaboration isn’t the easiest thing to do with BSS, something like Dreamweaver or Pinegrow may be a better choice if collaboration is a necessity. Maybe someone else has other ideas for collaboration too so come back and check again.