Collapse all collapsable .js code

How can I collapse all .js code like functions for example. My problem is that on restart all functions get uncollapsed and I have to manually collapse them every time. Either I need a way to collapse all or keep them collapsed after restarding BSS.

In VS Code I just need to press Ctrl + K + 0 to collapse everything.

I have tried this in BSS and I have also tried “Open in > Visual Studio Code” and then Ctrl + K + 0 but still doesn’t work. The shortcut works on other files in VS code.

@Timing6259 Try the Fold/unfold all icone v0.0.3 by Ferrier Benjamin extension in VS code. It works fine for me and puts 2 icons to fold/unfold in the bottom left corner for easy access. I’ve not found a way to keep js code collapsed in BS Studio but then again I don’t tend to use the Studio editor unless it’s for a quick edit.