Collapse Navbar (backend)

My theme "Stylish Portfolio" include a collapsable side-menu. I am desperately trying to open each nav-item included in the Navbar element in order to change the link text. No way! When selecting the Navbar-Collapse element in my list an "OPEN" button appears, but it's grayd out.

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In overview right-click on Link and chose Edit. Then pretend you're typing inside an edit box. Ctrl+A selects all, Del and Backspace work so you can remove the default text and type your own. Finish pressing enter. Maybe there's a better way, but I'm not an expert of premade templates.

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marcco's answer works, but it's a pretty user-unfriendly way to edit a file.

Probably better to remove the navbar and recreate it from scratch, I think. Then you can highlight the navbar and Bootstrap Studio's "Open" button will no longer be greyed out.

Then again, what's the point of giving us a template if we have to delete the fundamental parts of it and add them back manually!?

You can just add the class active to the nav with the id #sidebar-wrapper and the menu will be visible to edit. Remove active after you have made your edits. This nav uses custom javascript so you have to do your action overide yourself.

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Now this one works! Thanks Twinstream!