Collapsed navbar won't close with same page anchors

Website has a home page with several same page anchors (id=“contact”). When in mobile view, the collapsed menu retracts on the first click to an anchor. However, when the hamburger menu is expanded for the second time, it remains open even after clicking another same page anchor link; the menu is then blocking page content. When clicking a link to a separate page, everything works as expected with the menu retracting upon link selection.

I have created a test website using only the built-in components from BSS.

  1. Reduce browser to mobile width.
  2. Click the hamburger menu and select ‘Skills’ or ‘Website’ which are same page anchors.
  3. Expanded menu will close after selection.
  4. Open the hamburger menu again and select the other link (Skills or Website)
  5. The menu will stay open, blocking page content until the page is refreshed or the hamburger button is clicked again.
  6. Notice the link to ‘Hire Me’ opens a new page and the menu retracts as expected.

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