Color boxes show up in code area in file names [fixed in 4.5.4]

No easy way to explain it so here's a screen shot to show you what I mean. The white color box should not be there, it's a file name not a color attribute:

Now thats kind of a cute bug to find. I tested it with "orange-county-choppers" and got ....well orange.

Hahaha... that is a funny bug! Does it allow you to click on it and change it?

Yes, you can then select any color choice.

Good catch! We're on it. Should be part of the upcoming release this week.

I knew it! As soon as I am going to be away for a couple weeks you release the update! sighs LOL :P

Well this time I have a laptop with Windows version on it! I am hoping I don't "have" to use it while I'm away, but I've prepared all my files in case I do lol. I finally get to see an update while I'm away. Yaaaay! :P