Colour management

As far as I can tell there's currently no way to set up a projects colours on a per project basis.

At the moment I can add a colour to a favourites but currently this isn't per project so I end up with a large number of different colours for different projects where a colour themeing area would work better.

This could also be padded out to allow for all default bootstrap colours to be replaced (so there would be a list of custom colours, as well as bootstrap defaults and some way of setting the custom colours to overwrite the bootstrap ones).

If it is currently possible then it's something I've obviously missed.

Thank you for the suggestion, Chris!

Right now you have a tab with the design colors, but this shows only the colors which you've used in the design and doesn't show the Bootstap Theme colors.

Having favorite colors per project does make sense as a feature, but I don't see how we can add this without complicating the interface of the color picker. We could instead add the ability to create collections of colors in the Favorites tab. You can then organize your colors per design if you wish. Do you think that this would help you?

A thing to keep in mind is that when you save a design right now, your favorite colors are not exported with it - they are local to your copy of Bootstrap Studio.