column centered in row regardless of other row bootstrap

I guys, need some help here. I created a row with a column for a back button and a column with a step indicator. Now the problem is that the column of step indicator centers in the row minus the column of the back button. But it should center in the middel of the row (page).

problem screenshot

kind regards Dimitri

enter image description here

Bootstrap uses a grid system based on 12 columns.

I presume you set the width on the first column with the arrow to 2, and then did not set a width on the second column with the step indicators, so it is automatically filling up the remaining "10 spaces." (2 + 10 = 12) If you set the width on the second column to 8, it will make the step indicator appear centered on the page, since it will act as if there's a third column with a width of 2 on the right of the second column.

Note: doing it this way, you may run into an issue when you get down to mobile size unless you have a way to shrink down the size of your back arrow and indicator buttons. You may have to adopt a different layout at that point.