Comfortablier HTML Editor

I find the custom code funktion not so comfortable. It would be much better if its possible to edit the html code direkt in the editor.

Been covered many times before and doubt this will be action as the main idea of this app is to use drag and drop

Actually some editing of the code is planned to be added from what was discussed a few months back. I believe the "textual" parts only are the plan at some point since most of the classes will already be editable via the boxes below the window. I too would love to see a more robust code editor as well, but I've learned to work with it as it is pretty well and the time it saves doing everything else in the app, frees up that bit of extra time to work with text.

Would still be really nice for all those millions of settings I add to some things, you know like .... 52 weeks worth of accordion links added for some of the Church sites I do to put links on their sites for their bulletins each week, yearly. I do this within a Tabbed setup so that we can continue from year to year so each year I will have to update this to accommodate the files for the new year. All ... 52 ... Weeks! I keep them fairly generic links so that only the "Year" number needs to change, but it still needs to be changed on all 52 of them. Takes over 2 hours to do this so, yeah that's not a savings and editing the code would be a whoooooole lot easier. I've actually thought about making it a Custom HTML block lol. We'll see if that happens or not though as it would be one hella long bunch of HTML code! lol

It would be really nice if Custom Code html editor would spawn a separate window that could be viewed in a larger screen

Agreed, perhaps using something like notepad++?

Hi All, it would be nice to drag the 'hmtl' and/or "'css' outside of the main window to separate it from main window. so when working on two monitor get the code src outside of the design editing. I searched onto the forum but see the last message about that was a long time ago 2017. so don't you have a solution ?

What if it at least allowed you to open the file in your default editor/editor of choice? I think this would be a reasonable comprise.


I can't edit my post for some reason...

It force you to have two applications opened / loaded into memory, then to know to different dev environment with related commands and shortcuts. If I invest time to learn one solution, I like the idea to stay in that framework only, but just want to shift window part onto a separate screen for more convenience. Another solution would be to select into the preferences how a source code will appears into the html view like "current selected tab" or " fixed selected tab".

Hi all, After working one week with the BS editor, I changed my way of working and be more comfortable now with the all in one framework style. As I can't see all my current page editing inside the BS, I and using the "Preview" option to display the result locally into the web navigator. A good short cut could be to add the chrome/firefox/explorer navigator setting into the BS preferences to switch easily. But anyway its good now. :)

Pin all of your Browsers and BSS to the Taskbar. Open everything and click on the Taskbar buttons to switch between applications, or simply alt-Tab.

If you are not Windows, there are similar ways to do this in a different OS.

You can easily copy and paste the URL of your preview into other browsers so although it's not "automatic" it's pretty easily doable with adding the Browsers to your Taskbar as Pervasive suggests.

of course, thank you. sometimes in found this practice shortcuts in other software... was just an idea.