Comment / Placeholder for PHP Scripts

I'm pretty new to Studio an have a question as to whether there is a convenient way to include placeholders in my file where I'll have custom code PHP text.

For example I have a web page, at the beginning I have a chunk of PHP that retrieves data from various place, as an example let's say I create a PHP variable $fullName that represents a users name. Later in my page I will display this using another custom code snippet.

This is all fine, my problem is that from a display perspective (when in Studio) nothing shows up until after the PHP portion executes, is there something I can place in to my design such as a comment that would represent this on the screen in Studio yet not render in my page?

For example I have labelled my custom code snippet "PHP fullName" - it would be super-handy if this showed in the design pane such that I can quickly see where it would be in the page - or maybe I could add an HTML comment along side each custom code entry and use that as a reference point?

Any suggestion on how to achieve this, is there something I'm missing?

Would it be feasible in the design to (maybe optionally) show a <Custom Code Here - Label> placeholder? I think this would make PHP within BS much easier to maintain.


The easiest way I can think of would be to add a Div or Col or Row to the area you want to use as the placeholder, then add an image by using this service:

There you can decide the size of the image so you can use an area you expect your PHP script to take up visually so you can actually keep setting up the pages easier before exporting. You can specify text on the images as well to tell you what goes there etc.

The other way would be to do the Div, Col or Row and then add an H2 component to that block. In caps type what goes there such as "THIS IS PHP BLOCK 1", then it's not too difficult to search for that phrase or key words of that text to find the spot easier.