Comment prevents selection of multiple items

Including a Comment prevents Appearance/Options showing - ‘No options are available’


If you select the two columns - using shift select
the Appearance/Option panel shows ‘No options are available’ instead of
the properties for columns.

If you delete the comment the selection does display the properties correctly.


It’s because you have the Comment in your selection, if you deselect the Comment you can edit the attributes on the Columns. You can CTRL click on the Columns you want to select then only the Columns are selected, if you SHIFT click then you select all elements inside the Columns as well

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The comment is just regular HTML - it shouldn’t require special treatment.

I intend to place lots of comments in my code - it’s good practice. Having to unselect
all the comments will be a pain in the neck.

I’d say this is a bug :smiley:

A comment tag does not support any standard attributes, so why should BSS let you add attributes to a Comment component

You are missing the point. When you shift-click, you are selecting EVERYTHING between the Columns. Although a comment is technically not a Component, it is also not a Column. The Column options will only appear if ONLY Columns are selected.

The system is working as intended. This is why the ctrl-click feature exists.

If I have 50 comments on my page, I would have to individually de-select 50 comments every time I want to examine the whole page.

This is clearly a bug.

I would like BSS to treat it as any other HTML tag. No reason for it to stop displaying the attributes of all the other items.

It’s not just columns - a comment stops all attributes being displayed


Selecting these should display the attributes of the two Divs, instead it displays - “No options are available”. Obviously, the comment has no attributes but the system should just ignore it and treat it as:


and display the correct attributes.

I am not some BSS hater. I love BSS but a bug is a bug.


You can instead of using the Comment component you can use the labels in the overview panel and set a label anywhere you want.

In the Export Setting switch on Export Labels then each label will be labeled with a start and end comment in your html pages.

Then you have no issue when you shift click and select many components.

I hope you are aware if you write an new attribute all the selected elements will get the attribute

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Since the Comment Component doesn’t have any options, including it in a shift-click selection prevents any Options from appearing. It makes logical sense. But I suppose it’s annoying if you’re in the habit of routinely using shift-click when doing your builds. I use ctrl-click almost exclusively, so I haven’t encountered this frustration. I find shift-click to be of very limited use (except maybe for very early in the build process.)

But I do see your point that it would probably make sense for the program to automatically exclude Comments (or any other Components) that have no available options when doing a shift-click selection.

It’s worth bringing this to the attention of the devs…

@martin @gabby

When components of different types are selected together, Bootstrap Studio only displays the options that they have in common. And when one of them has no options, this results in no options being available as a whole. In this case It makes sense to just ignore the comments.

I wouldn’t call it a bug, but more of an “unimplemented feature”. We will add this in our upcoming update. Thank you for the suggestion!