Compact navbar icon color

Hi to everybody, I'm new at Bootstrap Studio and I've a question about navbar icon. In my page the hamburger icon is black, but I would like to have it in a color I desire. Moreover I would like to remove the border around this icon. Is that possible? (I think yes) Wich is the way to reach this task. Many thanks for an help!


Yes it is possible but requires you to remove the bits you don’t need by firstly copying the bootstrap default css that controls this into your own custom Css file and then you can tweak how you want to ?

Hi Chris, many thanks for your suggestion but, as I sad, I'm a bit ignorant and I don't know ho to do what you say. Can you, please, post an example?


If you don't know how to edit CSS you will need to go learn some things with some tutorials before venturing too deeply into this app. It's not something you will be able to create a complete website with unless you do.

Here you go :-)