Component edition

You need to allow users to: - Edit saved custom components: once you create and save a component you can't edit it's contents. You can import it to a blank projest edit and save it again but if you shared it online you will have to publish different versions, not updates. - Edit ALL code without limitations: maybe you could include a pro/standard switch that allows you to tweak code without limitations.

+1 on the editing of saved components. I very seldom share anything (haven't in a very long time), but I do use them for myself constantly for a handful of clients and updating them means I have to save it all over again .... uncheck all the images and/or CSS classes that the app auto checks for you ... one ... by ... one (but that's another whole Suggestion and disscussion that they should already be aware of since it's been asked for many times early on to be able to do a global check/uncheck option), Rename it if needed (it will overwrite the old one so you don't "have" to do that at least).

Would be a lot nicer to just open the current one and edit it. Could have it open in a popup box and have it default to the project's CSS and JS files and anything checked in the component's settings so that it will all look as it should. When saving it should retain whatever was checked or Unchecked in the component settings from the original.

As for editing ALL code, we've been trying for years to get that and I'm not holding my breath on it, but I am looking forward to having many of the locked items we usually cant edit, being unlocked in an upcoming version soon!

Please please please! A pro/advanced user switch that let us with the knowledge on how to utilise it would be great.