Component SVG unlocked

I am making the svg icon available in the online library, the images below show the fields to be edited, it was not quite what I wanted.
To find it in the online library search for Icone SVG.
It is basically an icon with some modifications.

Note, you will get the svg in Free License | Font Awesome.
You need to edit these two fields

In case you weren’t aware, you can also download the SVG versions of any of the icons in Bootstrap Studio by simply going to the websites of the various icon libraries.

If you have vector editing software (like Adobe Illustrator) then you can modify them as you see fit. I do this quite often.

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On closer inspection, an SVG icon component was not created, but an SVG component.
I made some updates to the shared component.
The name is “SVG Component”.
Using it is very simple, just copy the text from an svg and replace the view-box with the desired one, as well as the path d=“xxx”.
Everything else is category and CSS customization.
Looking at the images above it is possible to understand well how to use it.