Components created x Projects created

Just like the components that we create and make available in the library, the program could also offer us an area for projects created, under development for import on one of the two machines that the license allows us to use.
I believe that already having the component library, an area for projects would not be so complicated.
For example, I use two machines, when I need to update a project I need to download it to Google Drive, then upload the new version when changing the machine I’m using.
I believe that this implementation of having an area for projects is not so complex.

Projects meaning complete websites? It sounds like what you’re describing is a cloud-storage system for users to save their bsdesign files.

Components are relatively small, but bsdesign files can be many megabytes in size. Multiply that by thousands of BSS users and you’re talking about massive amounts of storage required. Hard to imagine the BSS developers including something like this for free.

Maybe limiting it to 5 or 3 projects would be very useful. We already have space for sites, having 5 or 3 projects in the system would be very useful

I use cloud storage to do this already, you can use something like NextCloud or OneDrive. Just tell BSS to look in the synced folder for your projects instead.

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