Components widths

Hello guys I have difficulty to set the component widths in BS. My impression is that some components automatically receive their width for example: When I put a "Boddy", a "Main" and a "Section" all have the same size and generally, it is the maximum size according to the width of the monitor. If I then place a "Container", the system automatically allocates side margins causing the container to become smaller. How does this work?

There is a margin, padding and max-width set on container. Change margin and padding to 0px. Then change the max-width to 100%

.container elements do have a max width, see:

You need to familiarize yourself with the Bootstrap layout system. Container widths are determined by the breakpoints, which is how Bootstrap implements "responsiveness." Do not do as SiLeen suggests. If you want the container to span the width of the screen, simply set it to "fluid" in the options panel.

marrco and printninja, thanks for the correction. I have actually been implementing as I wrote in the above comment, I had never seen the container-fluid class, I definitely need to revise my bootstrap classes ?

I believe it's just a toggle in the Options pane for the Fluid setting, so you should be able to just adjust them there without having to do much of any CSS cleanup.