Context Sensative Attribute boxes?

Ok I know this is probably gonna sound crazy and far fetched, but with all the editing I need to do right now to update these Accordions I'm working on right now it's very tedious to have to type everything in one box or another. I can copy and paste a little, but not a lot with I'm dealing with needing to add 2 attributes to each of the lines for 36 of them. This means the longest most useful line is copied and the rest are typed... so...

Is it possible at all that the Attribute boxes are capable of giving us a popup window similar to the classes in the editors that detects the attributes within a specific line that is selected where we can choose the attribute name from it instead of typing it all the time? This would really save a lot of time when doing things like duplicating massive structures where you need to go back and alter a ton of attributes (which I'm going to have to do each year for this page I'm working).

If that's not possible, what about adding the ability for it to remember the last thing typed and give the option to tab it in there when we start typing like typical editing does for us in apps? Still a context sensitive thing, but basically like saving form entries for repeating later faster.

Either of these abilities would be helpful if at all possible.

Thank you for opening this thread! Setting attributes is indeed a pain right now. Maybe we can add a feature that does something like this:

  1. Set attributes on one element, as you do right now.
  2. Right click it in the HTML panel and choose "Copy Attributes"
  3. Right click another element, and choose "Paste Attributes"
  4. Repeat step 3 as needed.

This will be much faster than simply seeing suggestions when typing. What do you think?

Hiya Martin,

Yes that would be very helpful and we can then just update anything different in the text boxes easier than having to type them all in from scratch. Thanks!