Contrain Width Tablets/Desktop

When using the 100%/Fluid sizing settings, what is an ideal view on mobile phones and pads, the view is fine. However, when viewing the same content on a tablet or desktop, the spreading of the content makes it clumsy to view and read. Can anyone help us with settings/code needed to constrain the width on the larger screens to a fix value, i.e. 750px as a possible? This way, the view on the larger screens would look better given they are designed for smaller width screens. We would like to make this a global setting, or if needed, something we can invoke on each screen (app has 250+ screens). Open to suggestions ...

You can always add an override CSS rule for the container-fluid class an add a media query that says something like

@media (min-width:992px) {
    .container-fluid {
        max-width: 780px;
        margin: auto; // probably this too so the site stays centered