Control key does not trigger contextual menu (Mac OS X 10.11) [fixed in 2.3.3]

The control key in conjunction with the mouse button triggers the contextual menu (just like a right click) in Mac OS, and has done so since system 7, IIRC. I don't use a multi-button mouse, and have no intention to start doing so, and I prefer to use the control button for this purpose. I am able to simulate a right click with my trackpad, which is how I discovered that you do actually have contextual menus all over the place, yet they are not accessible through the control key. Are you using the actual Mac system contextual menu, or building your own?

Thank you for opening this thread! The app is cross platform and we build the ui ourselves, including the context menus. Ctrl+click is OSX specific and we haven't implemented it. Usually we recommend enabling right clicking in your Mac's settings - the single button Apple mice are capable of this but it is not enabled by default.

This comes up frequently enough that we will look into simulating right clicks with Ctrl+click on OS X. I am adding this to my to-do list, and hopefully I will have time to work on this before the next release (due later this week).

Most appreciated to know that you're working on this. It's been a real pain not having that capability as well. I'm on OS El Capitan and I cannot even find where to turn the mouse click on as it has no setting for it. According to Apple it is supposed to be there, but there isn't any mouse & keyboard setting in my settings at all, they are separate entities completely so I'm lost to know where to turn that on. Right click works with almost everything else i use so I'm assuming it's already on, but there's a handful of apps like this one that it doesn't work on so I'm lost here too so I do hope you'll get to this update soon. Thanks!

This has been fixed in version 2.3.3 which was released today. You should be able to Ctrl+Click. Can you try if it works for you?

Thanks much! Seems to be working now so now I am not only able to get the right click menu when trying to do so in the visual part of the editor, but I don't even have to hit the control key at all, the menus seem to be coming up without it. Kudos and thanks!

Thanks, this works fine.