Conversion of version 4.6 to 5 is not complete

I have noticed several issues regarding different BS versions in BSS.
Conversions are unreliable. I reproduced a very simple case to show that basic attributes are not converted. Thinking about the other attributes then.
I created a project with only one Heading in BSS in BS4.6 version:

After converting to BS5 it loses its background color:

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Thank you for the screenshots! Unfortunately this is expected behavior. During the conversion we don’t rewrite CSS code. In bs5 the CSS custom properties that bootstrap uses are renamed which is why the color doesn’t show up.

Thanks Martin.
This leads me to conclude that conversion is not good for much.
I have to do all steps again manualy if I need the same.
This is why I have suggested a list of differences from default values.

Also answered in your other thread. Please don’t repost duplicate types of posts making us have to answer and read multiples of the same thing.

Sorry. This was not my intention. For me, first I noted a problem (the conversion is not complete because of versions differences). Than I sugested an tool to help to identify where I changed parameters in one version, to apply the same changes in new version manually.