Convert inline style to class

It would be nice to have a small button at the end of the Style in Attributes window so when we click it asks for a class name and create the classes for us then uses this class and remove the inline style.

Great idea!

We have a feature in this spirit, called Extract Rules, but it’s available on the Style block:


Do you think this could help with your workflow?

By “we” do you mean “you”? I don’t see that choice anywhere in my version.

By “we” he means the devs, and that feature is currently being worked on in their latest development sprint.

Means it will be available soon I reckon

That have been there long time
It’s my normal workflow to move inlines to a css file.
If you add or change something in the appearance panel
you get an inline style in the attributes panel and in the styles panel you have On the right side in the styles panel there are three dots. click on the dots and you will get “ahhh there it is” :upside_down_face:

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Thanks Kuli, just checked that out and wow, another feature I didn’t even know existed LOL. Most likely I wasn’t in ready to mess with it at the time and it got lost in the shuffle like many have I’m sure. sighs My kingdom for a list of features to this app lol. Wonder how many more I’ve missed along the way. I’ve learned 3 or so of them over the past couple months just from users in here.

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Jo why not just look at the releases page as that has what’s has been delivered in each of the releases? The info is there just need to look for it

That’s for another day lol, will need more time than I have right now to go through 6 years of changes lol. Thanks for pointing me to the obvious thing that I should have thought of :stuck_out_tongue:

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Read the news when you have spare time

You’re not alone @jo-r . I’ve been using BSS over 2 years, built at least three dozen websites, and wasn’t aware of the three dot thing that Martin showed us and @kuligaposten clarified, either.

I honestly feel embarrassed (especially when I was starting to think I’d be qualified to put together some sort of informal user guide to BSS)

And as I’ve said so many times before Kuli is a true font of knowledge. He should have a “Most Valued Member” badge.