Hi, ive been absent for a while, and i want to upgrade my page. I notice a lot of features are version 4 only, so i tried the convert to bootstrap 4, however my header and links will not convert. i tried saving to library and pasting it to the new page, but its not working at all. any suggestions? thankyou

As far as I know, there is no simple way to convert a .bss site built with Bootstrap 3.x to Bootstrap 4.x from within the program. There are tools online that will allow you to convert the HTML markup from 3.x to 4.x, but then you'd have to import it into BSS as custom code.

Basically, if you want to be able to work on the site in BSS, you'll have to rebuild the site in Bootstrap 4.x.

hi, thanks for the reply, i actually built the site in the bootstrap studio app, in bootstrap 4, and it says "this tool will create a new BS4 design, and copy everything over, and recreate your page with bootstrap 4 components, not everything is converted, your css js & custom code is not touched, your old bs3 design will stay untouched" so i have to redo my header? and other things? its not converting much and i have no custom code!

I've had only minor issues converting to bootstrap 4. And sometimes because of my faults in not following the best practice before. I never encountered any major issue that required long working hours to have the site looking the same again. But of course, bs4 and 4 are a different beast, based on different models. With different breakpoints and different classes. Before converting an old design is better to study bootstrap 4.

For me converting a website to bs4 is a 'feature upgrade' I offered a few customers, so that was paid time to fix the issues.

Yep I'm with Marrco, I don't convert or upgrade them unless it's a client's request or I need the client to do so, and either way it's a paid upgrade.

Now if it's your own website that's a different story. I too have had a lot of issues trying to upgrade from 3 to 4 within BSS mostly because of the major differences. Although it may upgrade the HTML, the CSS is where almost all the upgrades from 3 to 4 actually happen, so truly, if you have a lot of custom CSS like I do, you're looking at a lot of work to adjust them. I've done a couple that weren't client files or weren't paying clients (I have some charity ones) and it's not horrible as far as how to do it, it's just very time consuming because of the changes in the setups of BS4 vs. 3.

Anyways, it's doable, it converts the default files only, so the work you need to do is all in your custom files and yes I am almost sure you have some. I don't know anyone that has created a site with only the default files. Any time you change CSS it has to go to a custom CSS file. Any time you add any components from the app or the online components setup it creates new custom CSS and JS files and so on. These are the files you need to change, all the default files are already set to go.

ok, thanks for that, ill leave it at 3!