Cookie banner

Hi I've installed the Cookie banner from the online components (thanks to Riccardo Negri), but I can't see how to edit the message text and link. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

Because the component uses javascript to display the banner, you cannot see it in the Bootstrap Studio workspace window (although it will display in a browser preview.) To edit the text, go the Design tab (lower right) expand the Styles and temporarily disable the two CSS styles that are included with the component (Cookie-Banner.css and Cookie-Banner-1.css). This will make the text visible inside BSS so you can edit it. Then re-enable the CSS styles.

The author probably should have included instructions to this effect with the component, but mistakenly assumed people would just understand it because he did. I added a comment on the component explaining what I've written to you in this post.

Awesome, thanks!