Copied components looks different

Hello, I'm quite new in BSS, so lot of things to learn :) For now I have a question about custom components. I added a section component from a template to the library (all the checkboxes are checked) and import it into a new design. But as you can see in the image below it looks really different. The styles are not included. Can anybody help me to get this done? Many thanks! Albert ![example][1] [1]:

The template you are copying from is using a theme (special build of bootstrap.css). This theme is locked but here is what you can do. Export the entire theme project to a folder. Open up the css folder inside the export folder location assets/bootstrap/css and you will find the bootstrap.min.css file. I prefer to open this file first and unminify, then save as a new theme name but you can just make a copy, and rename if you like.

Then go back to Bootstrap Studio and go to Settings, Application, Themes and import the new theme you renamed. Now in the new project go to Settings, Design, Bootstrap and you can now choose your newly renamed Theme from the dropdown. The styles will now match because some of them were inside the Bootstrap.css custom theme.

That works great! Thanks a lot!