copy-and-paste not working

The tutorial show multiple examples of cut-and-paste text, but I can't get it to work on my project. "Copy, then right-click to paste", nor "command-V" works. I am trying to copy text from my old website to the new Bootstrap site and it won't work no matter what I try.

MacBook Pro, mid 2014

First let me say that you should definitely be copying that text from the website to a plain text editor (not Word or Wordpad or anything that adds any special formatting to text. Notepad works well as does Notepad++). That helps to strip any extra hidden text formats from the text before you paste it. If you're copying it directly from the coded page on your computer in a text based editor that should work good.

From there, first let me say that right clicking does not work in BSS at all for copy and paste. I'm also on a mac, and you might need to try various key combos ( I have my keys flipped so that the Command is not the main Control key). Try Command+v, ctrl+v, alt+v, etc. as one of them definitely should work.

Also, be sure you're in text edit mode within BSS to paste this text. Some have thought that pasting it would create the paragraph for them hence why I mention it.

How do I know if I'm in "text-edit mode"?

I figured it out; you need to make sure you're trying to copy into a "paragraph".

Good job! Glad you got it worked out.