Copy and Transfer full directories of images [added in 4.3.7]

So right now I have 2 projects open. I'm starting from scratch on a 3.3.7 version of a site rather than upgrading it to 4 in the app, simply because the classes are so horrendous in the other one that I want it to start clean and I can use the practice too lol.

I just had to copy over 35 images from one project to another one by one, and that's just the tip of the iceberg with the number of images in this and many of my projects. There has to be a better way!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us the ability to drag folders full of images from our computers rather than image by image. We've been asking for this for years and still no love on this.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us the ability to copy full directories of images, js, styles, etc. from one project to another.

Truly this and so many things should have already been added to this app a year or more ago with the many many requests that have been asked for this and the others. It's like having to run am obstacle course with having to copy over one at a time or drag in one at a time then create the directories and move them etc. We shouldn't have to do all this to get items into the app.

Just my rant and I'm stickin' to it. After all this time of using this app I shouldn't even have to ask for this again, it should have already been in here. :(

Sorry that we've caused you so much trouble! We get quite a few requests and some get lost in the noise.

We can add copying to the context menu of images, HTML, JS and CSS files when multiple items are selected. Right now there is only "Move to Folder" and "Delete" there. We can do this in the upcoming release (should be out next week).

Importing folders of images will have the side effect of people dropping entire galleries of high res photos which will be bad for performance. We need to implement image resizing first. It is planned, we just have quite a lot on our hands. But we'll never stop updating the app, so we'll get there.

I do understand the issue with the importing of high rez images. What about a check that looks for sizes and tells you that it cannot import due to size restrictions or something? This really does fall into the "people need to know what they're doing" clause, but I am sure that it is also an issue with app crashing and corrupt files etc. too so I do understand. Just would love to find a way around this so that it could be implemented for the folders as well.

Thanks much on adding the copy to ... for multiple files, that will help at least until something can be done with the folders.

We released 4.3.7 today with support for copying multiple files at once. When we have the image resize feature ready, we will implement the folder import as well.

I would love this option too. At the moment I have to rebuild the folder structure for my images folder and upload the images and then move them to the folder. Dragging the images to the folder instead of right clicking move to folder would be great too. Thanks