Copy in Styles window doesn't seem to work all the time (Mac version)

Hello again,

It seems that we cannot use the ctrl+c key combo to copy a section of code in the Styles window. I can copy single selectors or declarations and use them this way, but not say an entire CSS rule or part of the CSS page.

I can, however, use the App's System Menu choosing the Edit and then in the drop down choose Copy. I can highlight anything I want in the Styles window then and it will copy it, doesn't matter if it's one rule or the entire page. I can then use the ctrl+v to paste it and it works.

So basically the key combo to copy doesn't work in the Styles part of the editor.

Thank you for reporting this issue! This is now fixed and will be part of the upcoming 2.3.5 release.

Awesome, glad it wasn't just me like most of the other things I find are haha! Thanks for getting that fixed, that will be a big help.