Copy of JS & CSS code, etc - (easier)

It would be very nice if we could more easily copy JS and CSS, etc code (Right click and select Copy to Clipboard) for several reasons: 1. Use for illustration here in the forum. 2. Paste into Notepad++ to work on.

Also applies to entire document in the Lower Right File Resources

Why not export a design and then copy what you want.

Or open your custom css file in the css window and then drag to select and copy that way. That's how I add multiple blocks to my css files in the app if I have a few class i want to include.

Chris, this is very interesting to me. your custom css file in the css window and then drag to select and copy that way. That’s how I add multiple blocks to my css files in the app if I have a few class i want to include.

Just now, I have finished trying to consolidate all CSS and JS because all the Mobile Optimization tools say multiple JS and CSS files slow the website down for Mobile (which is what "Responsive" is all about, right?)

I did not know this technique or find it. How does it work?<br /> My experience is load the small file so you can see each identifier then right click on each one and select Copy to and the pick the destination file. It is a challenge making sure you got all of them! Missing one may be a problem!!!! We need a way to "Copy the entire file to Clipboard" or "Copy Entire File to some destination File" definitively.

Can you you please explain what you are doing? It is not explicit from the prompts to the User.

My experience with trying to Consolidate JS files for the purpose of reducing round trips and time was much worse. There are NO choices to manipulate and consolidate JS files. Simply none. How is that done? I also wonder if joining bootstrap.min.js and other.js and serving it up with server compression on "mod_deflate" wouldn't be faster?

I am still trying to figure out why I can't get access to these resource (linked) files in the DESIGN section. They are all bundled up in the particular BSS file and inaccessible. I have EXPORTED the site but they do not show up there either (just one style.min.css file! No sub-folder "STORED" . So I am thoroughly confused about how BSS handles files at this point. It might help if we could "Right click" and select "Copy entire file" and the "Right click" on the Custom.css, for example and pick "Paste" or even go to Notepad++ and make a new file and pick paste to there!

Then I can consolidate to there and pick DESIGN css "rightclick" "Import CSS" or JS "rightclick" "Import JS"....?

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PS: I have made a new CSS directory, called "STORED" and moved all the files that I had completed (copying each identifier to custom.css) to that folder, however when I "Export" I am not seeing those files. Yet the original website Name that I Exported to has 11 CSS files and no Folder for "STORED" . The most recent of these files is 3/27/2017.

However the other Export website Name "Test" the css is all dated 4/1/2017 but there is only assets/css/style.min.css and assets/bootstrap/css/bootstrap.min.css I am assuming the CSS is all put in style.min.css. -Is that all "USED CSS" or simply "ALL CSS"? because it kind of makes a difference with regard to bloat and what we have to do.

So the only way to get my hands on CSS is to EXPORT it to edit and then IMPORT? However I am not finding exactly where we can EXPORT/Copy. Perhaps you can explain in a little more detail?

I think we need to make this all a little easier and apparent to the normal USER with more options for copying, such as the entire file....


Ha Ha, now I just figured out that you must highlight JS code and simply Ctrl+C to copy and then Ctrl+V to paste in another open file or Notepad++ I believe. Maybe a little hand holding is needed here? Perhaps some right click features to be consistant with CSS? That would definitely be good interface design.

You know, I must apologize. I just saved a project and found the "Store" folder in it and above that a minimized style.min.css with all the css needed in it. I am just wondering if the program is smart enough to "know" which ones are absolutely needed and write that to the style.min.css?