Copy pages across designs

I have a page in one Bootstrap Studio design that I would like to copy across to another yet retain the ability to edit in BSS. In other words, I don't want to transfer it as HTML.

Is there a way to do this?

Open both of the projects that you want to use. Now do a right click over the page you want to copy and choose the Copy to choice and you should get additional choices under there give you a choice of the other project that is open or even to a new project to create. Pages copied this way are fully editable in BSS. Enjoy!

Thank you!

However, I still have a problem in that the page has been copied across but the style elements particular to it, and stored in styles.css, have not. Is it possible to merge the two styles.css?

Is it still possible in Bootstrap Studio to copy a page from one design to another? When I right click on a page (with both designs open), the only Copy option I get is to a new design. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Be sure the page you want to copy is the currently open one and is therefore highlighted.

You can copy CSS files between designs. Just have both designs open, right click the CSS file in question and select "Copy To"

Copying pages from one design to another works if both designs use the same version of Bootstrap.

In this case only the components are copied - the styling is not. One workaround is to add the contents of the page as a custom component, this will give you the option of including all matching CSS alongside it, so that when you drop it in the other design later, it would retain its styling.

This kind of falls into another reason that it would be good to be able to detect the CSS that is being used on each page as per the discussion from one of the other threads. I believe we ended up discussing the idea of just being able to use it as a cleanup function, but in the end it would help to be able to detect the CSS per page as I had brought up a while back, to help in this situation where we would also be able to have the CSS for just the page we want to copy able to be copied with the page.

Scenario here is that being able to copy the CSS along with the page would save a whole lot of time when you want to just use a specific page on another project. If we cannot copy the CSS for that particular page, then there would be no point in copying the page itself because we would have to spend the next half an hour pulling out just the CSS for that page to be able to get the same look as what was on the other project.

Being able to select or automatically detect the CSS for a page would help in many different areas, this is just one more example where it may help the devs to use the functionality to add to other features like this one.

I think another approach is to export the single page and then run purgecss or purifycss to obtain a css output file that would contain css used in the html, and js files. Skipping the the js file may remove classes that are added by events. Overall it would be a great add on feature to export and "clean" the entire css files...bootstrap included.