Copy/Paste from Outlook app, copying code

I posted this in the announcement for the 4.0 release, but figured I better put it here since it's still tehre in the 4.03 release.

1. Custom Code boxes (mine are within accordions on this project in case that matters) are almost impossible to select without having to use the Overview tree to do so. Didn’t have that difficulty before. In fact now, it is like it’s not even recognizing that I’ve clicked on the custom code box, it just ignores my click and what I had highlighted previously remains highlighted. I’ll test this further in a bit to make sure it’s not just these particular ones in the accordion. What I have in them is MP3’s if that matters as well. UPDATE: Seems I "can" target them in 4.03 by clicking in the Visual Preview window now, but it's not as obvious as it was before. Could we get some way to see where the Custom Code box is when mousing over the area in the Visual Preview?

2. There’s an issue with copy and paste out of email (am using Outlook software on Mac OS El Capitan) in that many times (can’t pin point what the criteria on the sometimes is, sorry) it’s grabbing some of the HTML/CSS code along with the text I’m copying. Seems to be just the code of any of the text attributes and only seems to be grabbing the starting code, not the ending code so it looks like this:

<br>p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 10.0px Arial}<br>span.s1 {font-kerning: none}<br>I had Rhonda make a birthday cake for my husband's 70th birthday

What if you copy to a basic text editor that the Mac has and then try copy/paste to the BSS app and see how that works. I would assume you would only get the text you were trying to get in the first place.


Yes that is what I have to do now or delete the code after pasting every time, but it didn't do this before version 4 so I'm assuming it's a bug somewhere, not a "feature" lol. I copy out of email all the time and have not had any issues with it. It will usually copy the attributes in full such as if it's bold then the text is bolded in BSS too and so on, that's not an issue, but it never actually pasted it as code before.

Bad enough that since day one (reported quite some time ago as a bug) that it's still putting the extra space at the end every time you highlight an entire block of text and paste or type in it. I copy and paste a lot from what my clients send me and anything centered in BSS I have to remove a trailing space from 100% of the time. That I was hoping would be fixed by now as well, but it's not :/ So now this code issue is making it even more tedious. I'm sure it's a bug, but hopefully it will get fixed soon. Would love to see both of these issues fixed for that matter.