Copy / Paste not working on Mac

I am following a tutorial video on thier YouTube over at Building Revolut's Website in Bootstrap Studio - YouTube time about 17:25 where we need to copy the Card with Overlay and paste it in new column.

I keep hitting the cmd + c hotkey however it doesn’t seem to be copying the component and I even tried hitting the cmd + v but nothing happened or there is no paste from it.

Instead, I did a duplicate and drag the duplicated component over to the new column.

Why isn’t copying/pasting not working for me? What did I miss?

You right click the card component and click copy from the context menu
Right click the element where you want to paste it and click one of the selections paste inside, paste before, paste after, paste linked

I did that and it still won’t copy it

Hmm what version of the app are you using and what Mac OS version? I’ve worked with El Capitan, High Sierra, Big Sur and now Monterey and have not had issues with this. I will say though that sometimes it’s difficult to get my Mac to copy things in general. Many times I have to retry it a few times to get it to work. Granted, I just upgraded to Monterey a few weeks ago so I haven’t had it long enough to know if it is still doing it or not. So far so good!

Try rebooting your computer and see if that fixes it (always fixes everything, it’s like the digital version of Duck Tape you know!) lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Bootstrap Studio 6.1.3

macOS Monterey 12.6

Rebooted the iMac several time and still cannot copy then paste. If I click on right menu to open and copy the paste menu is still greyed out no matter how often I copy something.