Copy-paste text

Hi there,
It occured to me that when I have some repetative task for pasting into my project, for example pasting text into paragraphs (

), the bootstrap studio automaticaly separate my text into , , ect. This behaviour is not something I wanted especialy because it add extra inline css from copying. I got realy frustrated when I made whole page with bunch of text I copied into bunch of paragraphs. The more serious issue is that those spans and stongs and em etc. are not availabe to edit (you cannot get to them via Overview panel) so basically you can’t edit those elements at all. My bypass of that issue was that i copied whole html code and edited it in VSCode and then I imported it again into bootstrap.
Thank you for hearing me,
Fran Zlatar

Have you tried ctrl-shift-v for pasting? This typically strips out any formatting in the HTML.

You can also paste the text contents of your clipboard into a plain text file, then copy that text and paste it back into BSS. That will strip away the unwanted spans, strongs, em, etc.