Copy to a new Page Linked component

I think an usefull feature, it's to have a link in the right click that make an linked component in a page We got "Copy", "Copy To" maybe a "Copy Linked To" ? That a simple improvment, but that can be very usefull

It's all in there already.

All you have to do is copy something, go to the location you want it to be (page, project, etc) Go to the Overview Tree area bottom left right click and choose on that menu "Paste Linked" Works better this way without it being on the Preview window as you have a lot more control using the Overview files tree than you would just selecting something in the Preview window as you may not always target the right element for the container of the linked item.

Yes I use this feature all the time. But an option "copy+paste linked to a page" Doesn't exist ? 'Cause I didn't see it. What I think usefull is "All in one" button. maybe Right Click on an element in the element tree and an menu key "Copy linked to" Is'nt really a big feature, it's an usefull addon (Maybe only for me) that make the repetitive task of creating a new page better.

I guess it's just not something I've cared about. It's simple enough to just copy something then open the page I want it in, choose the location and Paste Linked, that's how it's supposed to work. I imagine it probably "can" be done, but I'm usually one that I'd rather choose where I want it so I know it's going directly where I want it. I guess I don't see a purpose for it having it Paste Linked to another page from the right click menu which means you'll always have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to get it and move it where you want it anyways, not really saving you any time or clicks. But, who knows they may think about it.

Your're right, in my case, it's when i start a new page it's usefull. example: Nav + breadcrumb + footer -> You must copy and paste linked. So you change page 6 times (copy nav, change page, paste linked, change page, copy bread...) That copy paste in the order -> up to down, and faster (You don't change page) I think it's a little improvment. But in some case like mine can be usefull and faster. 'Cause in this case copy and link the 3 element, let feel laborious. Maybe this option can be useless with template functionnality ?

Well until they should add your feature, it might be faster for you to do what I do and just duplicate a page and delete the contents that you don't want on it. Thats how I handle it when I get a few different styles of pages made up then just use those pages as my pages to duplicate. That transfers over all classes, id's, and any linked components.

We have something similar to what you're suggesting. In the Copy To menu there is a "Multiple" option. There you will find a checkbox for linking the copies.