Copy to clipboard for styles option

It would be nice to have another option with the "copy to" for styles which currently is either to another stylesheet or new stylesheet. Having the option to copy to clipboard would allow one to edit if needed the styles and also when pasting putting it in the correct spot of a chosen selected stylesheet.

Actually, until this update to version 5, you could easily just highlight any class and all or part of it's contents or multiple classes even, to paste wherever you wanted in or out of the app. This update broke that at this time though.

Well, for the sake of argument only why would you not want to open up your favorite editor to copy all or part of a stylesheet from there ? Its much more user friendly than the somewhat clunky editor in BS that really has limited area or room to highlight.

I think the drawback may be someone on a single monitor but looking at this from a 2 or 3 monitor setup....quite powerful.

And not to mention all the power of the editor hooked up direct to BS5. Run css comb and click back to BS5 - BAM !- everything is sorted now. How about hightlighting a group and adding a single class to all of them - click back and - BAM!- I just changed a group of 6 css blocks at once.

How about sorting by media querys so you dont have to move things around with the little up and down arrow problem there is a package for that !

We might have to rethink how we think......

The list of things is endless...

Create a snippet in Sublime and add back and - BAM ! -

Try that in the BS editor and you will be there all day long tip tap tip tap.

@media only screen
    and (min-device-width : 768px) 
    and (max-device-width : 1024px) 
    and (orientation : portrait) {
  .container, .container-lg, .container-md, .container-sm, .container-xl {
    color: red;

The issue isn't that we can't open it in our favorite editor, it's that when I'm looking at the Styles pane, I want to be able to grab what is right in front of me (since the classes are select sensitive), not have to open the file in an editor and then search for the class/id to then copy it. It's a convenience thing :) And it did work just fine before this update to do so, you could highlight and copy anything from the Styles/JS files within the Editor pane.

Well the update solved that problem. We all live in a yellow submarine....da da da da da....da da da da da

This program rocks now !

Complete compile of my Bootstrap.css custom sass source files problems.