Copying text in BSS is grabbing Background colors too

I don’t ever recall it doing this before till the latest update, but when I copy text from within BSS that I want to place on another page or in another project, it’s grabbing the background color as well and I don’t think it’s supposed to. I end up having to do the Ctrl+Shift+V in order to paste the plain text.

I know it will do that outside of the app, but it’s never done it inside of it before.

[Mac Version, Big Sur]

I’ve had this happen on Windows as well, though it was probably a couple of BSS versions before the current one. I don’t recall the exact circumstances under which it happened. I think I tried to reproduce it with a blank file and I couldn’t. I meant to submit a bug report, but it slipped my mind until I saw your post.

Starting around 5.8 - 5.9, the program has gotten a lot more quirky. I still have occasions where it experiences massive slowdowns, and when I look at the running instances of bootstrap studio in task manager, one of them will jump up to using over a gigabyte of ram when the slowdown occurs. Sometimes it will release the memory and the program will behave normally. Other times I have to reboot. I’ve noted it seems to happen with editing page properties, or changing names of things that result in global updates across many pages in the site.

I use windows 10, today doing a project also happened to me, so I started to paste in notepad and copy and paste from it, but it started to create two line breaks, one before and one after.
A space to paste text in the sidebars would be very useful, for example, similar to the Elementor plugin.

@jo-r Can you give an example of the text you are copying? In our last release we introduced the ability to set background/text colors while writing, so if you’ve set a background color using these options it will be copied along with the text.

The example below is copying text from a Card body in a sidebar to append some text at the end of a paragraph in the main page area. The background color is on the Card Body not the Text so it shouldn’t be copying it with the text should it? As I said though, it’s never done this before the last build (maybe 2 builds?) I’m a slacker and should have reported this sooner, but just got busy and had company etc.:

CleanShot 2022-08-12 at 07.32.35


That’s the same problem I observed. It wasn’t grabbing the background color from text that had a background color assigned to it, it was when the text was copied from a parent element that had a background color.

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Yep. I noticed that too. Should have reported it earlier

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Thank you for the gif! I am sorry to say this, but it works as intended. Until recently text colors were not supported so they were ignored. In the new release they are, so they are copied over. To keep only the text, you can paste as plaintext with the shift key (which you are already doing).

I’m still a bit confused by this (go figure lol).

It’s not a text color, it’s a background color on another element. I could fully understand it if it were a background of that text element, but the text element doesn’t have a background color assigned to it so that’s confusing to me. I don’t have an issue using the key combo to get the plain text, just curious why it would be picking up something that’s not on that element.