Corrupted Design File

I have the latest and greatest version of Bootstrap Studio. I work from a server where all my files are stored, I use WebDAV to access these files.

I’ve noticed that if I create a new design file on my local machine that has a local connection to my server, it saves completely fine and shows in my mapped network drives on my laptop (which uses WebDAV).

However, when I then save that same file on my laptop and open BSS on my local computer the file is 0kb, all data is lost and BSS gives me an error saying it is corrupted.

I’m not too sure how you can replicate this issue but it is bizarre as I don’t have this problem with any other software that I use (Affinity Designer, VSCode, all my other saved files for my other apps are completely fine and work on either machine).

Ok, an update. I can’t seem to save any design files I make on my laptop (which uses WebDAV to maintain my files across my devices).

BSS gives me an error whenever I save saying “Can’t write”.

I would suggest contacting Support to get assistance with this issue.

No problem. I will contact support and come back here when I get a response (just in case anyone else runs in to the same problem)

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I’ve done a bit more testing and research on WebDAV and can confirm that all other applications definitely work when creating files on my laptop and saving them to access them on my desktop.

My workflow consists of a personal NAS which runs a WebDAV service. I have an ethernet cable plugged in from my NAS to my desktop and have mapped network drives using Windows 11 and the local IP address of my NAS (quick transfer speed when working on my local network).

On my laptop I’ve mapped network drives via my own personal DDNS that I use to access my NAS remotely (mapped network drives on the laptop consist of the following URL https://<my-nas-ddns>:<webdav-port>/<shared-folder>). Both methods of mapping network drives have been done using Windows 11, via the file explorer and the map network drives option.

With this setup, any changes I make to my files on my desktop are immediately reflected on my NAS and also reflected on my laptop (its kind of mimicking cloud-based file storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox).

After testing Bootstrap Studio with this setup it is the only application that doesn’t seem to allow me to save my designs. I can create a Bootstrap Studio design project on my desktop completely fine, I can also save it and access it with no issues. What I can’t do though is edit that design file on my laptop, save it and then access it again. After saving a Bootstrap Studio design file on my laptop (or even creating a new one and saving that) the file is immediately corrupted. The most noticeable issue is that saving the file on my laptop and having the Windows file explorer open, I can see that straight after saving, the file size of the BSS design goes from x-size in kB’s to 0kB.

Considering that every other application works with this system I have in place, I can only assume that it is an issue with Bootstrap Studio (maybe the way it serializes saved data to create the BSS design file).

Any new developments in this though I will post back here as I’m sure I’m not the only one that has this kind of workflow (cloud storage is expensive :joy:)

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