Country Flags Icons!!!


To do a multi language website.. it would be fantastic having countries flags as icons!!

many thanks!

Elio Mota

Thank you for the suggestion! We may add country flag icons in the future, but for now including the SVG of the flags via a CDN would be easiest. Just create an Image in Bootstrap Studio and add the flag URL as its src.

Excellent suggestion Martin.

Many people don't know how to use CDNJS to add libraries and expand BSS web site building capabilities.

I don't know what's missing. Maybe it's not intuitive for some, or they just don't know how easy it is. But I guess many users would really appreciate if you make it easier for them

Maybe it's time for a new tutorial:

BSS on steroids

1) add a cdnjs library (css and js)

2) initialize the function

3) use it