crash with to much images

I'm creating a proper website with quite a lot of pictures with lightbox etc. As I imported some more pictures, i were not able to save without crashing the programm. Maybe it should be possible to use unimported images, so the volume of the files keeps smaller. that means to have a foldersystem, where i could put the images in, so they are at the right place.

Greetings Hanno

Hiya H.Alsen,

You can use external items as long as you use absolute URL's and upload your items to your server so they can be pulled in. I do this many times when testing things and when I have things how I want them I then do a mass Find/Replace in the app on each page that has absolute URL's and I alter them to relative. This of course means they won't show in the app anymore, but since you will already know they work fine it's pretty easy to work around that.

Hoping in the Future to see some additions for setting a default local folder that the app can read the contents from myself too. This would be a huge advantage to the app so that we can utilize outside items without the hassle of having to change the URL's in the end and still be able to see them throughout our project as we edit it in the future as well.

Sorry that you've run into this problem! I've seen reports before about Bootstrap Studio crashing when a large number of photos are imported. We will be improving this soon. For now a workaround is to resize your photos before importing them. This will also have the added benefit of making your site faster to load on mobile devices.

@Jo, thanks for helping out! Maybe something like "Link Local Folder" can be added. But what would happen when you then open the design on another computer, where this folder doesn't exist?

I would love that addition Martin,

IF you link to a local folder, you should have the smarts to know that that folder must be added to the other computer too so I would say, let us worry about that part :) If we can't realize that we need to do that then we shouldn't be making websites lol.

The other way to look at this is that if you're working on multiple machines, then you also need to have enough knowledge to know you need to have your files in the same directory setup as the other machine. To me that's just logical thinking and we should have enough knowledge to know this before we even start working on a website. If we don't, then we don't know enough about computers to be using this app or any other app for that matter that has any type of basic computer knowledge needed. :P

You could always add a popup window when someone checks a box or sets a setting for using local files/folders. for people that tells them that they need to make sure they have the same directory structure if working on multiple computers. This way there would be a warning, and the app would not be responsible for ignorance :)